A Tall, Slender Neighbor for Former North Broad CVS

Original article: ocfreality.com

When considering the Broad & Girard intersection and its surroundings, we’d say it’s best described as being under-utilized, but laden with potential. Low-rise, uninspired architecture has filled most of the area for years, but things are changing at an incredible pace. Last summer, we reported that the CVS at 922-36 N. Broad St. on the southwest corner would soon be no more, as developers were moving forward on the construction of the 201-unit project. With such a positive change right at the corner, we had reason to hope that the building immediately next door to the south at 918 N. Broad St. might get a similar treatment.

Perhaps you can guess, we’ve learned that’s exactly what’s happening. Last week, permits were pulled for the complete demolition of the current building. And what may be taking its place, you ask? Another mixed-use project, of course! Coming in at eight floors with 49 units above retail, this Canno-designed project should dovetail quite nicely with the new building just to the north. We’re not always fond of demolition, but in this instance, we won’t shed too many tears over the loss of this nondescript building. Let’s check out the current status and see what’s to come.

We are thrilled to see the additional density here, especially since only three parking spots are included on the Carlisle Street side of the project. Though we have minimal design details at this point, we are intrigued by how this will complement the CosciaMoos-designed building going up at the former CVS site. Additionally, it’s possible that this building’s southern neighbor may join the fold, too. Way back in 2018, a proposal was presented to CDR for 91 units over retail. Zoning approval came through in 2019, but no additional movement can be seen since, which is a shame given the classy facade treatment.

Just across the street, the multi-floor addition is now complete at 925 N. Broad St., north of yet another proposal that was on our radar in 2019. 915-23 N. Broad St. sits within the Automobile Row Thematic Historic District, so you may be surprised to hear that the three historically designated buildings formerly on site have met their end. Demolition permits were issued prior to a review by the Historical Commission (oops), so for now we are left with a vacant lot. We hope this gets moving soon as this would add another 70 units to the several hundred planned for this stretch. It sure is exciting to think of yet another block on North Broad getting a much deserved facelift, and we figure there will be additional projects on the horizon as the area continues to evolve.

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