Demolition at 6th & Brown, Apartment Building Should Appear Soon

A project has been brewing at the southeast corner of 6th & Brown for years, and now it appears something is finally going to happen. In case you aren’t familiar with this property, it’s a one-story building that looks like it was originally built for industrial purposes, but it’s been used for a variety of businesses over the years, including a cabinet maker, a convenience store, a gym, and office space. In early 2016, we shared the news that developers were planning to tear down the existing building and replace it with an apartment building with 30 units and 22 parking spots. The community pushed back, asking for commercial space, and the plans changed to add retail space, to decrease the unit count to 26 apartments and decrease the parking to 14 spots. That plan got ZBA approval in the summer of 2016 and we assumed we’d see construction start relatively quickly. But then nothing happened.

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